Facilitating Your Journey through
Assessment, Therapy & Coaching

Thomas Thorsheim, PhD
Greenville, SC Psychologist

Thomas Thorsheim, PhD Greenville, SC Psychologist
Simply by considering enlisting professional help, you have already taken a significant positive step.
Self-awareness of a need for change, coupled with initiative and courage, opens the door to healing and growth.

As a psychologist, I aim to help people live wholly and with a clear sense of purpose, to live authentically, to accept and work through the full range of feelings that are inherently part of life, and to improve and deepen their relationships with others. I frequently help people work through anxiety, OCD (using ERP – Exposure and Response Prevention), depression, grief, and addiction. I also help people clarify their personal and professional identities, and discern their personal values and beliefs.

I offer a variety of services including individual and group psychotherapy, as well as psychological assessment to address concerns related to emotional health, cognitive functioning, ADHD, and learning. I also offer psychotherapy and coaching services designed to support executives, physicians, and other healthcare professionals as they face the unique stresses and demands of their careers. Finally, I provide supervision, case consultation, and self-care support for therapists.

If you seek focused support and guidance to work through a challenging life circumstance, or you’re ready to move in a new direction in your life, I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

Feel free to call or email to set up a consultation to explore how I can help.