Please let me know if you have had prior testing and, if so, what that experience was like for you. I will be happy to address any questions you have prior to testing and to explore additional questions that arise when we review the results.

If you or your child will be testing for several hours, as is commonly the case, make sure you have eaten in advance so you will not be distracted by hunger. If testing is lengthy, I may have you take a brief break or suggest you eat a snack midway through the appointment.

For children, parents are encouraged to be actively involved in developing assessment questions at the start of the testing process. At times, it may even be helpful and appropriate for parents to be in the room with their child during portions of testing. Prior to the appointment, it often helps to reassure children that testing simply involves answering questions, perhaps working on puzzles, and doing written activities. Let them know that the purpose of testing is to help them, not to grade them or to see if they “pass” or “fail.” Finally, let your child know that psychological testing and psychotherapy are NOT like going to a doctor for a physical checkup. Psychological testing and psychotherapy never involve pinpricks, physical exam, or any invasive medical procedures.